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Nevada is a procurement asset management system for libraries, that gives universal audit trail capabilities to designated users.


 The Nevada management system creates a seamless process flow for the procurement of your books, periodicals, and e-resources. It allows for the creation of multiple role-players and levels of access between, e.g. the academic, library and acquisition staff members.


Transactional quotation and ordering can be effected through either EDI or web services with multiple African and International vendors (suppliers). 


The powerful administrative back-end includes a procurement reporting section, significantly enhancing your auditing reporting processes.


Nevada is powered by a 32 million + bibliographic database and discovery engine.

Nevada Discovery

Nevada Discovery is a document storage and retrieval database that is based on a powerful search engine, and contains over 32 million bibliographic resources.

Acquisitions Module

An end-to-end communications platform that facilitates the acquisitions process

Supplier Module

Quotation and ordering platform between institutions and their suppliers.

Prescribed Module

A dynamic prescribed textbook-list manager for institutional faculties, and departments.

Copyright Module

Administer and manage patrons required copyright materials through DALRO's blank or transactional licenses or directly with publishers.

Support and Service

Make the most of your Nevada library technology by working with one of our business consultants. We help with setup, data integration and conversion, testing, training and all round support.

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Nevada DiscoveryAcquisitions ModuleSupplier ModulePrescribed Textbooks ModuleCopyright Module